My name is Indy, I'm a 1 year old, male Shiba Inu, and I love to play chase and jump for squeaky toys. I was walking with my daddy last night when I freed myself from my leash, tried to play catch me if you can, and got HIT by a car on Market street near 11th Ave in Ballard! I think I'm OK, but it scared me so bad I sprinted off at full speed and ran all night, and I can't find my way home ={. I think I am around Fremont or Wallingford area, but I could have entered a new neighborhood by now. I am new to the city.

IF YOU SEE ME, please show me you are a friend, take me somewhere safe, and call or text my daddy at 206.914.5162.

I'm very scared, and I haven't cuddled with my human pup in a while, so spread the news, SHARE THIS POST and help me get home. plz plz PLZ!

Owners: Tommy Grommesch & Bre Grommesch

Lost Since: 03/15/2016 8:30pm


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    • He is skittish, so call as soon as you spot him. He might be lured into a fenced yard.

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